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2017 jeep Cherokee

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I sent you two seatbelt retractors and the airbag module for repairs. The seatbelts work fine but the service airbag system stays on in the dashboard information center and the seatbelt light and alarm stays on if you are buckled or not. I took the jeep to a shop to get it scanned and hopefully cleared. The mechanic said it is flashing codes for every airbag on the vehicle. He tried to clear it 5 times but it keeps flashing the same codes. Any ideas. My order number is 744935E. The repair date is 12/20/22

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Topic starter Posted : 05/13/2023 1:56 am
Serge - MyAirbags Team
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Thank you for reaching out. I apologize that you're still having issues with your part!  Could be that you have an active code. Please have your vehicle scanned for codes and post it here or  let Costumer Support know what codes you are getting so they can create a support ticket and have a technician reach out. Make sure you have your order number ready when you call.


Thank you!

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Posted : 05/13/2023 2:03 am