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2020 ram 1500dt 1 code (c006a-54 multiaxis acceleration sensor


I am repairing a 2020 ram 1500dt, it has an airbag light and traction control, it has only 1 code (c006a-54 multiaxis acceleration sensor missing calibration) the abs module was initialized and the same code continues. The car was crashed, the airbag and so on were replaced, will it be necessary to reset the srs-orc module even though it does not have any code? I will be waiting for your suggestion, thank you.

Topic starter Posted : 05/14/2024 4:10 pm
Serge - MyAirbags Team
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I would suggest to see if the multi axis sensor can be re calibrated. If the sensor can be re calibrated the code will go away and both lights will go out. If not I would replace the SRS control module because the sensor is integrated into the module. There would be no need in sending in the module to us. We don't rebuild SRS modules. We erase crash data from the memory side of the module

Posted : 05/14/2024 4:14 pm