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Error Code 65535 on Audi or Volkswagen

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Error Code 65535 on Audi or Volkswagen


Error Code 65535 on Audi or Volkswagen

If you drive an Audi or a VW, you are likely to come across Error Code 65535 at some point during the life of the vehicle.

A DTC Code 65535 is a tricky and very famous code when it comes to VW’s and Audi’s. The main reason this code is so tricky is that it has a variety of causes making it difficult to single out the exact problem

We don’t recommend a module reset for this DTC Error Code.

A better long-term solution would be a replacement of the unit. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Locate the part number that is on top of your module.
  2. Use the number to look in our Inventory to see if we have it in stock.
  • Locate replacement by using the part number that is on your original unit.
  • In order for the module work you will first need to replace it with the correct part number.
  • The module may need to be additionally programmed to the vehicle VIN.
    • Please note that not all vehicles are required to have VIN programmed.

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