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Airbag light on. No accident. Code B2290.

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UPDATE:  I called the dealer back to clarify.  They originally gave me the wrong part number as the control module which lead me here.  The correct PN is Ford 7L2Z-14B422-A Electronic Module (Occupancy Sensor).  They also said that they read the code B2290.

I read somewhere else on this forum that for code B2290, the Occupancy Sensor can be recalibrated.  How is this accomplished?

(Original Post with airbag control module info deleted as it is now irrelevant.)

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To recalibrate the Occupant Module you will need to use a diagnostic scan tool that can communicate with the Airbag Control Module and make necessary changes if needed. 1. Navigate to SRS Airbag Menu 2. Look for a menu option called "Occupant " or "Recalibrate" 3. There you may see one option or two options. Clear codes and Zero out the weight 4. First zero out the weight sensor (occupant seat sensor). Then press clear codes.

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