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2008 Jeep and 2012 Jeep liberty SRS codes questions


Took it to the dealership and had them calibrate the passenger seat.   Additional cost $156 plus driving for 40 minutes  and wait time 1 hour.  Additional cost for labor $60.  Total Cost of $216 plus reset cost from my air bags.  Just looking at simplifying this process and lowering cost.  The 2008 Jeep my air bags reset the controller and we did not have this issue but the 2012 Jeep liberty we did.  Comments earlier did not make sense to me.   If someone was in the passenger seat the passenger air bags would have deployed.  If the controller was bad when you guys reset, can you not tell or communicate with the controller?  I do not feel my question was answered.  Why do some work and others do not? Is there something we can do to prevent future issues?

Topic starter Posted : 11/30/2023 9:22 pm
Serge - MyAirbags Team
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When we do a module reset service, we erase crash data and check for communication. The passenger seat might have been occupied but the airbag control module may have determined the force of the accident was not enough to deploy the passenger frontal airbag. When we recheck the module for crash data after the reset service. If it's been cleared we send the module back to the customer. There is no way to know if the passenger seat will need to be re-calibrated until the module has been reinstalled. Sorry about the issues, but sometimes this can happen.

Posted : 11/30/2023 9:23 pm