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2004 Silverado codes B0100-13 and B0026-17


I'm working on clearing the codes on a 2004 W/T Silverado with the 4.3L V6. We had previously sent in the airbag module to be reset by your company and it has been reinstalled in the vehicle under the seat already. The truck has sat for a few months, but we are prepping to take it for inspection. I keep getting 2 codes popping up related to the airbag system. One is B0026-17 Driver frontal deployment loop (stage 1) open and the other is B0100-13 Electronic front end sensor 1 performance. One question I have is whether the impact sensors on this truck need to be replaced after a deployment of the steering wheel airbag? The sensors do not appear to be damaged externally. any light you can shed on these 2 codes would be much appreciated.

Topic starter Posted : 11/30/2023 8:20 pm
Serge - MyAirbags Team
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Normally as a tech, if a vehicle was hit on the front, I would replace the front impact sensors with factory sensors. The sensor can look good but internally the sensor can be stuck. As for the other code, B0026-17 Driver frontal deployment loop (stage 1) is open. If you already replaced the airbag with a new airbag, then you might have a clockspring issue. If you replaced the driver airbag with a used airbag. I would test it to make sure the airbag's resistance is in specs. It should be between 2-3 ohms. I would check both squibs. Feel free to reply.

Posted : 11/30/2023 8:21 pm