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2018 F-150 B00A068-8B code

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I have code B00A068-8B which returns after it is cleared. The passenger occupant module appears to function as it turns on and off with a passengers weight. Is sitting on the seat and viewing a response appropriate to determine if it is in calibration or does it need to be recalibrated regardless?  The vehicle was in a rear end collision with no deployment. 

Topic starter Posted : 12/19/2022 2:06 pm
Serge - MyAirbags Team
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With code B00A0 always best to try a recalibration or reconfiguration on the passenger front seat. 1. Navigate to SRS Airbag Menu
2. Look for a menu option called "Occupant "
3. There you may see one option or two options. Clear codes and Zero out the weight
4. First zero out the weight sensor (occupant seat sensor). Then press clear codes
5. If the passenger seat has been replaced and the sensors in the seat were not transferred from the original seat to the seat that is now in the vehicle can also cause airbag issues.

Posted : 12/19/2022 2:19 pm