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2019 Kia Soul module location and removal

Eausa LLC
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Module is located below the stereo system and is covered by the central console.

FIRST remember to disconnect the battery. THIS is very important step when dealing with AIRBAGS and most of the time with all car electronics - PCMs ect. This will save you a money BIG time. I have learned this on the hard way...

Pull the shifter UP, there are no screws, etc.

To remove the console you need Phillips screwdriver and 10 mm ratchet socket - 4 screws on the console and 2 10mm bolt in hand rest compartment. Then 3 bolts 10mm to remove the module.

Please look the pictures for reference.

Thank you

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Serge - MyAirbags Team
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Very detailed instructions!

Thank you Eausa!

Posted : 05/09/2022 3:20 pm