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2007 Volvo s80 service indicator/airbag error


My side-curtain and seat airbags have deployed. My question is if I replace the side-curtain airbags but NOT the seat airbag and send the module to you to be reset, will I still get a service indicator/airbag error? Thanks in advance!

2007 Volvo s80 seatbelt
Topic starter Posted : 03/01/2024 3:20 pm
Serge - MyAirbags Team
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Your airbag module is connected to all of your airbags, seat belts and sensors. If any of these parts are not service, a code will remain on the airbag module causing your airbag light to stay on. All parts must be in good condition in order for your airbag system to work correctly.   Thank you!

Posted : 03/01/2024 3:22 pm