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ML350 2010 Mercedes, what is the repair procedure for airbags deployed?

Randall Hubbell
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My car was in a minor accident, but the side curtain(passenger) airbag deployed and the seatbelt tensioners were triggered.  I've struggled to find any information on the repair procedure, it seems to be a secrect.  Where is the SRS module?  Does it need to be reset?  Is there any danger of other airbags being triggered if I remove it?  Do I need to fix the SRS module before replacing the airbag?  

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Topic starter Posted : 07/23/2023 9:31 pm
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Serge - MyAirbags Team
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Yes, we can reset the airbag module after accident with deployment and repair the seatbelts.  Usually takes 1 day for service and 3-5 in transit back to you.  To get started you will process your order online at Please let me know if further assistance needed.

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Posted : 07/23/2023 9:39 pm
Serge - MyAirbags Team
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