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My dog chewed my seatbelt


My dog chewed my seatbelt about half-way through. I've tried to remove the seatbelt for mail-in-repair but I'm really not comfortable doing that myself for fear of damaging the interior. I'd like to make an on-site appointment to have the seatbelt removed/repaired.

My dog chewed my seatbelt1
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Topic starter Posted : 08/16/2023 6:10 pm
Serge - MyAirbags Team
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Unfortunately, we do not offer an onsite install or uninstall option for our customers at this time. I would suggest if you do not feel comfortable uninstalling your seatbelts yourself, to follow up with a Certified Mechanic and/or a Certified Dealership to better assist you with that service. 
Feel free to visit our Youtube channel for we have a lot of helpful "How to" videos available for our customers.
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Posted : 08/16/2023 6:13 pm