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2008 Ford E-450 airbag light is on


I own an E450 C class motorhome from 2008.
I rotated while pulling apart the two wires from the yellow plug on the passenger seat.
I located the correct wiring diagram, but the.
Having any suggestions?
Before I pulled the cables, the system operated without a hitch.
I removed them from the seat plug's connecting plug, not the seat plug itself.
The plug is a yellow color.

Topic starter Posted : 09/21/2023 7:08 pm
Serge - MyAirbags Team
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If you repaired the issue correctly, tried to erase the code several times and didn't cross any wires and you are still getting the same code. You might have shorted out your main airbag control module. If so I would recommend getting a replacement module. We don't repair modules here we reset them (erase crash data and check for communication).

Posted : 09/21/2023 7:09 pm